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At Johnny's Stump Grinding, we are the experts when it comes to stump grinding. We have worked with a lot of landscaping and tree removal companies over the years to build our reputation for quality and responsiveness. We take pride in having only the best equipment and …

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The Baumalight PTO stump grinders are available in 4 different models. From the simple and basic 1P24, to the large 3P40 good for up to 120 Hp. Power take off stump grinders takes all of your tractors power and is direct all the way to the stump. Check out our number of teeth, more stump grinder ...

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The Alpine Magnum is perfect for any stump-grinding application, which makes it ideal for the small-business owner. Time is money--and this highly portable stump grinder allows you to get in and out with maximum ease.

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Use your skid steer to grind down stubborn stumps with either our heavy duty or extreme duty stump grinders. Each is available in either low flow or high flow options. Having the ability to grind stumps using your skid loader allows you to grind down stumps in the …

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Do not allow bystanders in the area when oper-ating, attaching, removing, assembling, or servic-ing equipment. Consult local utilities before working. Know location of all underground cables, pipelines, over-head wires, and other hazards in working area and avoid contact. Do not put stump grinder …


• This powerful, lightweight and affordable stump grinder is ideal for modest landscapers and contractors, as well as rental stores. • Its compact size and mobility allows it to be driven to sites that couldn’t be reached with larger stump grinders. • Generous 42" sweep allows the operator to grind more and move less.


Owning a stump grinder allows you to store the machine on your own property for you to use on a moment’s notice and you can avoid the hassle of transporting the machine to and

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Home » Machinery » Stump grinders. Stump grinders. By using stump grinders you eliminate the need to burn, dig or treat tree stumps with chemicals. The powerful grinding teeth reduce tree stumps to ground level and below, which allows replanting or ground preparation for just about any purpose.

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The compact design of the stump grinder not only creates clean sight lines to your work zone, but also allows the unit to navigate comfortably through tight spaces and narrow gates. There are two lift handles on each side of the unit allowing two people to easily lift the unit onto the bed of a pick-up truck or into the back of a mini-van or SUV.

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Baumalight Model S14 Stump Grinder: Designed simply and ruggedly the S14 has a heavy duty fixed deflector. The simple direct flow hydraulic drive is designed to provide the best torque and RPM to the cutting head. The unique positioning of the rotor allows the operator an excellent view of the grinding …

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Our new towbar for our Stump Grinders is compatible with the Pro models. Electric and manual starting. This is a great accessory for the Stump Grinder. This allows for easy transport around your property. We thank you for your interest. fc

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The in tooth system allows you to rotate each of your stump grinder’s teeth in three, 120 degree increments for a fresh cutting edge, even on the job if needed. ... 1 review for Dosko 6HC Stump Grinder ( 6HC) 5 out of 5. Curt (verified owner) – Aug. Does the job… just slower than the bigger units. For my – its ...

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WG24 PTO powered stump grinder connects directly to your tractors 3 point hitch system and is equipped with a large 24″ ... This allows the operator to cut both large and small stumps... More information. mounted stump grinder / PTO-driven SG30. Where to Buy. mounted stump grinder.

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The KC180 Stump Grinder makes quick work of unwanted stumps and roots. Heavy-duty carbide cutters provide extended and effective performance in spite of dirt, stones, and debris in work area. The Stump Grinder, mounted on the 4000 Series tractor, creates an agile, powerful and "turf friendly" mobile unit for lawns, golf courses, parks, and municipalities.

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The Bradco Stump Grinder, by Paladin, is available in standard flow and high flow. The standard flow model has a 26 diameter cutting wheel allowing up to 10 of below ground cutting, and the high flow model has a 30 wheel allowing up to 12 of below ground cutting. The 60 degree range of motion covers 45 in a single sweep. STUMP GRINDER

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PTO Stump Grinder. In comparison to a standard portable stump removal machine, a PTO stump grinder has a lot to offer. PTO stump grinders draw their energy from the engine of the truck or tractor they are connected to. Generally, the stump grinder is connected with an output shaft onto the input shaft of the tractor or truck.

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Stump grinders, also known as stump cutters, can remove the final evidence that the tree ever existed. The sharp teeth on the stump grinder’s cutting wheel cut into the stump and pulverize it. Here are some reasons to rent a stump grinder.

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Ohio Stump Grinding was started to fill the need for honest pricing, quality work, and commitment to customer satisfaction in the stump removal and landscape removal industries. Our focus on stump grinding and stump removal allows us to become experts in removing existing landscape and stumps in preparation for landscape redesign or simply ...

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Stump grinding is the preferred way to remove a stump, and stump grinding prices vary depending on whether you do it yourself or let the professionals handle it for you. This guide outlines some stump grinding cost information below.

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Stump grinders are machines that tear up tree stumps, allowing them to be easily removed as wood shavings. You can rent grinders, or you can allow a tree service in …

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The Stout Stump Grinder is designed to work using the auxiliary hydraulic connections of a skid-steer. The size of the attachment is smaller than traditional stump grinders which allows

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Adjustable wheel cutting angle allows optimal cutting for any type of stump. Below ground depth grinding 7". Overall length 36". ... Bradco Model SG30, Skidsteer Mounted Stump Grinder with 30" Cutting Wheel. Plus We're Glad To Say Bradco Products Are MADE IN THE USA! Stump Grinder Weighs 1000lb's.

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The Grinder. Our stump grinder can work fit into the tightest of areas. It is self propelled, which allows us to easily access to your yard and prevents creating tracks or other lawn damage.

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The Jansen Stump Grinder with Electric Start is your answer! This Stump Grinder is not only engineered to be the fastest, strongest and safest portable stump grinder available, it’s also designed with easy-to-use features for increased productivity and efficiency.

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ONLINE INVENTORY OF USED STUMP GRINDERS Best Prices on Used Stump Grinders. Alexander Equipment is the best place to purchase a used stump grinder. We work with many trustworthy financing companies, which allows our company to offer competitive rates on your equipment.

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Our low overhead allows us to offer you competitive stump grinding and stump removal prices in addition to superior customer service. Stump Removal Services Whether you are a business owner, home owner or live on one of the area's ranches, you don't want unsightly stumps on your property.

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 · Bolt-on design allows for quick head rotation from horizontal to vertical positions. The excavator model has a 30” blade with carbide teeth and it weighs only 600lbs.

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Grinding those stumps below your existing grade allows for effective repair and replanting of the area. In many cases we can grind sufficiently so that you can plant a new tree in the exact spot of your prior tree.

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Quadrublade tooth design cuts like a router without "pulling" operator into stump. 12 tungsten, carbide tipped teeth handle the most difficult stumps. Rubber gaskets positioned between handle and frame reduces vibration resulting in less operator fatigue. Foldable handle allows for easy compact transport in back of SUV, car trunk, or mini van.

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This stump grinder is equipped with an array of features geared towards facilitating fast and masterly removal of tree remnants. To begin with, the Bluebird stump grinder boasts of a heavy-duty recoil starter that allows smooth switching on, so you never have to think twice about getting down to work.

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The single wheel brake allows the operator to pivot the cutting head across the surface of the stump as it holds a fixed position, while a screen-covered opening provides a clear view of the cutting action. ... Stump Grinder is designed with a compact 23" wheel base, enabling it to be used on stumps found in places large stump grinders ...

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The Bluebird stump grinder also boasts a Hayes lever-activated disc brake which makes this stump grinder safe to be used because you will always have control over it when it is in motion and when it stays put. An ergonomic handle allows the use of adjusting the handle to four different settings, so you will never have to worry about straining ...

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Stump Grinder will put a heavy load on the rear of your tractor. Be sure front of tractor is properly counterbalanced with weights. Never allow children or bystanders around tractor or stump grinder when you are using equipment.

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Stump Grinding for Removal. Stumps are unsightly tripping hazards and are difficult to mow around! Stump removal improves the safety and aesthetic quality of your yard and allows for …

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new 4" diamond grinding wheel for sharpening greenteeth or red teeth for your stump grinder. sharpening green teeth is a different process than you normal teeth, so it requires a 4" diamond wheel.

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3 Point Hitch Stump Grinder - 3P24. The 3P24 PTO stump grinder is designed for tractors equipped with a 30–50 horse power motor allowing you to grind into stumps with a …

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The Bandit 2250R Stump Grinder is a perfect rental unit for homeowners, landscapers and tree care professionals. It’s compact size, awesome hydraulic power and well designed operator controls makes this machine a favorite across multiple market segments. The inch diameter cutter wheel with direct hydrostatic drive and a side-to-side cutter swing allows the 2250R stump grinder to grind ...

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The Bradco Stump Grinder, by Paladin, is available in standard flow and high flow. ... Our stump grinders are designed for maximum reliability, durability, and productivity. ... • Easy access to all drive components allows for quick maintenance • Operates with the multi-function control inside the loader • Excellent operating visibility ...

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3 Point Hitch Stump Grinder - 1P24. The 1P24 PTO stump grinder is designed for small tractors equipped with hydrostatic drive and Category 1 3PH. This tractor mounted stump grinder model allows you to grind small and midsized stumps efficiently with a 24" Rotor, carrying 34 replaceable carbide teeth and has a cutting depth of 10" above ground ...

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The WG24 stump grinder is designed to work on tractors with a PTO shaft. The stump grinder works best on tractors featuring PTO shafts that are independent of the tractors transmission drive system. This allows the operator to control the speed of the tractor independently and separately to the PTO speed.